About Easy-Indoor Plants

Our growers are professionals who care for a lot of plants every day and deliver them to many customers after a lot of care. What our growers found less enjoyable was that their beloved plants would rarely survive long in the living rooms of busy mums, students and businesswomen. Easy-Indoor Plants arose from this idea. The webshop from growers for anyone who loves plants but is too busy to take good care of them.

Really simple plants

Easy-Indoor Plants developed an extensive collection of stylish and cosy houseplants that really last for a while in the living room. The ordered plants are delivered in a stylish pot with the unique Waterfresh system. After filling the water reservoir, this smart system provides the plant with water when needed. The only thing that needs to be done is the occasional check of the reservoir.

Unique guarantee

Easy-Indoor Plants is sure of itself. Each plant ordered has a 4-week guarantee package. This means that if an Easy-Indoor Plants delivered plant does die within one month; both you and your friend receive a new plant. Of course, only if the Waterfresh® system is properly used, so no ’empty’ or ‘too full’ system.