Watering is so easy

We don’t actually come to personally water your plants, but we come close. We provide you ordered plant in a pot with the unique stylish Waterfresh® system. This always knows exactly when your plant is thirsty. So it’s impossible for you to make a mess of it. The Waterfresh® system is the ideal solution for the dry indoor air in your home. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir for the first time and top it up when you see on the side of the pot that the reservoir is beginning to get low. You also no longer have to worry that you are giving too much or too little water to the plant, because the system dispenses the water exactly how the plant wants it. Drooping leaves from drying out or floating plants because of a water overdose are things of the past. We provide your ordered plant in a stylish pot with the unique Waterfresh® system. No one needs to know about the clever system that lies beneath your beautiful plant. A kind of Spanx for plants. Our secret.